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Ego trip: pt 1

I’ve been back a week and I haven’t told the internet at large about it.

I haven’t blogged. I haven’t LJ’d. I have barely even wiki’d.

It’s not that anything is seriously amiss, just a combination of a few points. One being the time and energy to refit myself into Canberra work and timetable. Once the rhythm of day-to-day is gone, it’s harder to pickup than I realised. Not that I am one to encourage a mindless repetitive life, but rather recognising that currently, I tend to have about a month planned ahead, and it’s taking me a little time to get that buffer back up to speed. Re-establishing social contacts, getting back to speed with an eating schedule (and maybe a cooking one next week when I hit the markets!). All that kind of thing.

Another thing occupying my time here is the building of a new fileserver. Why? Because amongst other needs, I have more photos on memory cards from Europe than will fit onto $HOME as it stands.

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realigning my mind

Nothing to do with The Dark Knight – which I saw earlier this evening (and incidentally, I thought it was disturbingly excellent thanks to characters and concepts, rather than merely imagery and violence)

But I am realigning my time. it’s early in the AM where I am, but later in the PM where I am going…

Copenhagen, here I come, ready or not.


In keeping with my (previously unstated) plan for an absolute minimum of one blog post per week, this is where I apologise in advance if I fail that deadline for the next month.

Why would I announce my schedule now if I know that I may not keep it? Simple. It lets me segue into the reasons for such interruptions. Europe.

Specifically, my so-called ego trip

So I’m visiting Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Cardiff and London in a three week span. Some of this travel is for myself, some is to meet people I know over there, and some is travelling with friends. Talk about hectic! but what is this about ego?

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