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getting to the core of the matter

Sometimes lazy bloggers just quote IRC…

<QuantumNinja> if I ever decide to start a queer core band I am making sure to do a tour entirely in katters district
<Screwtape> In *both* pubs!
* Screwtape wonders what kind of core “queer core” is.
* Screwtape checks: grep ‘ard$’ /usr/share/dict/words | sed -e ‘s/$/core/’ | less
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binary grep to find mp3s stored in zip

Once upon  a time whilst sorting my mp3 collection, I ran across a little problem. The tags which I had found and saved to the id3 tags using quod libet (being my favourite tag editor – better than the related Ex-Falso incidentally) were not showing up in Rhythmbox (being my favourite actual audio player). Instead, Rhythmbox was seeing the OLD tags.

This is curious, thinks I. And I go off in search for answers…
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