getting to the core of the matter

Sometimes lazy bloggers just quote IRC…

<QuantumNinja> if I ever decide to start a queer core band I am making sure to do a tour entirely in katters district
<Screwtape> In *both* pubs!
* Screwtape wonders what kind of core “queer core” is.
* Screwtape checks: grep ‘ard$’ /usr/share/dict/words | sed -e ‘s/$/core/’ | less
<Screwtape> “fuseboardcore” <– high-voltage electronica
<nemo> Blackbeardcore  <– what’s inside the dread pirates…
<Screwtape> “guardcore” <– music for prisons
<nemo> Howardcore  <– for Liberals
<nemo> Julliardcore   <– for modern Liberals who hate Julia
<Screwtape> “Hansardcore” <– filled with samples from your favourite politicians
<Screwtape> “beardcore” <– ZZ Top
<nemo> Shepardcore   <– it’s what the SHEEPLE listen to
<nemo> Wardcore   <– hospital music
<Screwtape> “lanyardcore” <– Where *everybody* gets a backstage pass.
<nemo> churchyardcore   <– you aint heard Gospel Music like *THIS* before
<nemo> drunkardcore  <– what pub bands are in the FUTURRRRRRRRE
<Screwtape> “leopardcore” <– Tribal rhythms with animal skins.
<nemo> graveyardcore   <– for zombies
<Screwtape> “laggardcore” <– I was into that band *way* after it was cool.
<nemo> “heavenwardcore”  <– music for the Rapture
<Screwtape> “orchardcore” <– The Apples In Stereo
<nemo> “straightforwardcore”  <– this music is exactly what it says it is ;)
<nemo> “substandardcore”   <– nobody listens to this much, except ironically
<Screwtape> “overheardcore” <– musique concréte
<nemo> “wizardcore”   <– from JK’s unfinished draft of “Harry Potter and the Four Seasons”
<Screwtape> “Picardcore” <– o/~ Star Trekkin’, across the universe… o/~
<Screwtape> “placardcore” <– The music video to Weird Al’s “Bob”
<Screwtape> “Rjchardcore” <– I think my /usr/dict/words has an OCR error. :(
<nemo> not seen that
<nemo> haha
<nemo> mine is good
* Screwtape blames Fedora.
<Screwtape> “schoolyardcore” <– skipping rhymes, with a heavy beat.
<Screwtape> “shipyardcore” <– Authentic Pirate Hip-Hop
<nemo> Rjchard   <– Scientific Linux (a sibling of CentOS) has the same problem
<Screwtape> rpm says the wordlist comes from
<Screwtape> I wonder where Debian gets theirs.
<nemo> not sure to be honest
<Screwtape> Apparently from
<nemo> there you go then
<nemo>  <– nice logo

Thanks @afda. Thafda.

One thought on “getting to the core of the matter

  1. nemo Post author

    <Screwtape> Which, I think, is even lazier than blogging IRC transcripts.
    <nemo> yes, yes it is


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