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realigning my mind

Nothing to do with The Dark Knight – which I saw earlier this evening (and incidentally, I thought it was disturbingly excellent thanks to characters and concepts, rather than merely imagery and violence)

But I am realigning my time. it’s early in the AM where I am, but later in the PM where I am going…

Copenhagen, here I come, ready or not.


In keeping with my (previously unstated) plan for an absolute minimum of one blog post per week, this is where I apologise in advance if I fail that deadline for the next month.

Why would I announce my schedule now if I know that I may not keep it? Simple. It lets me segue into the reasons for such interruptions. Europe.

Specifically, my so-called ego trip

So I’m visiting Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Cardiff and London in a three week span. Some of this travel is for myself, some is to meet people I know over there, and some is travelling with friends. Talk about hectic! but what is this about ego?

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firefox considered usable

For a long time I have been on the outside of many geek surfers, shunning firefox and pouring active scorn on it’s many failings.

Failings?! Yes, compared to my favoured browser of many years, Galeon, firefox (through to the last version2 releases) was slow in interface, memory intensive, and deficient in interface features. (session saving for eg was years ahead in galeon)

introducing Firefox3

Unfortunately, galeon ceased active development several years ago, and while it was kept up to date with the latest of the firefox2 era gecko engines, there were otherwise no interface changes, updates, bugfixes, etc.

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