In keeping with my (previously unstated) plan for an absolute minimum of one blog post per week, this is where I apologise in advance if I fail that deadline for the next month.

Why would I announce my schedule now if I know that I may not keep it? Simple. It lets me segue into the reasons for such interruptions. Europe.

Specifically, my so-called ego trip

So I’m visiting Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Cardiff and London in a three week span. Some of this travel is for myself, some is to meet people I know over there, and some is travelling with friends. Talk about hectic! but what is this about ego?

Simple really…

It explain the synchronicity one step further with regards to Nemo33 – do I have to detail just how old I am right now, or do you think you can guess? :)

Now naturally I will try to jump online and give updates as possible, but no guarantees…

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