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Linux UI: crippling itself?

I was recently talking with a friend about commandline prompt gadgetry, and our tangent conversations drifted to 256colour support in X terminal emulators. xterm. gnome-terminal, and presumably kterm and others also, though only the first two have I looked at.

256 colour support is there. It’s in the code. It works. It’s nice. And it’s… not only not enabled by default, there is no clear and simple way of enabling it even if you WANTED TO.

I was going to blog more about this, but the following IRC fragment I think says it all. Any questions?
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And Another Thing… a review

So those that know me should be very well aware that I am a huge Douglas Adams fan, and alongside da Vinci and JDR, consider him a hero. The weekend that he died was one that I count as one of the most horrible in my life (for that and other reasons which coincided)

So I’m wary about extensions to his work.

The movie I enjoyed. I thought it could be better, and some parts truly bothered me, but other parts gave me smiles. I accept it as a HHG movie, but somehow it lacked a vibe.

So this week saw the release of the long-awaited 6th Hitch Hiker’s book, written by Eoin Colfer. I bought it, I have read it. This is my review.

So the first thing I’m going to do is write the positive, but then I’m editing it out to the end of the review, because ultimately, it’s not a book that should be leaving a sour taste in your mouth in reviews.

Mostly spoilerfree review follows

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Site issues

Dear readers: sometimes this wordpress delivers the RSS feed when requesting a page.

I don’t know why. I’ve upgraded, removed plugins, still the same.

However, if it does that, force-refresh a few times usually brings it good.

If problems persist, well, it’s not that important I’m sure. Or contact me :)

Hey Hey, it’s controversial

As anyone who knows me should know, I’m not one to really make my views on causes or politics widely known. I have my opinions, and by and large feel no great need to proselyte them to the world. But if I could be said to have a Cause, then this is why I’m writing.

Many years ago, and for many years in a row, there was a variety comedy show in Australia called Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Initially spontaneous and subversive, it grew over the (28) years into a prime time monster, lost it’s edge, gained an army of followers, and then crumbled in it’s own weight and habits. Having become a shadow of it’s former self and thus, a relic of the past.

Fast forward another  10 years and we have just had a reunion special or two. I had to admit I didn’t watch them. I was not huge fan of what the show had descended into at the end of last century, and if I watched TV enough to even know there was going to be a special, I’d not have bothered watching anyway.

But then something special happened. Controversy!
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Whatever Works – a big picture

A movie in which the protagonist is a crumpy cynical bastard throughout? That’ll never work! Yet it does. Whatever Works a charming delightful feel-good movie!

It’s the kind of movie where you can see alot of the plot unfold ahead of time, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s not a story which gets it’s power from surprising the audience. Rather, it’s a story which gets it’s power through involving the audience in it. Alot happens, but it never felt rushed

I wont give more away about the movie than that, except to suggest that you go see it when it comes out.

Well, I will say one more thing: it breaks the fourth wall, and I always like that.