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(I wrote this at the end of July)


There have been so many words, so much grief, and so much love expressed in your memory these last days. Everyone wants to share their story. How you touched their life. How you were wonderful. I have not been immune to this.

The grief is strong. I suspect I am not alone in being the only one for whom you are the first close friend – a peer – to die.

You were one of the most genuine, forthright, honest people I have known. You were one of the most accepting people I have known, but also you had a very strong sense of justice, and would not tolerate that which was wrong.

I wrote in a comment that you affected people, and I think that defines well your interactions with the world. You knew people, and people knew you. You were affected by people because of your great empathy, but you affected people because of simply who you were.

There is an Elizabeth shaped hole in so many hearts, and my head-Lizbeth appreciates the love from us all, but also tells us to stop being so daft and get on with our lives.

And we will. I promise. We will.

But maybe not just yet.

There are a few more tears to shed, memories to share, and hearts that are still raw

Time heals wounds – because as time passes, events in history appear smaller. Right now the grief at your loss looms large on our collective horizon of history, and in time it will become part of the tableau of life. But memories of you will remain strong, of that I am sure. You wont be forgotten. Your affect on people wont be forgotten. Memories of you will join with other events over the years, but you will remain bright.

The world is a better place that you were in it, and a sadder place now you are gone.

Davo Double-Crossing Tasmania For Charity

Launceston long-distance runner David “Davo” Brelsford will soon be attempting to double-cross his adopted state of Tasmania in an attempt to raise money and public awareness of the deadly Motor Neurone Disease.

The Motor Neurone disease is an incurable disease that basically prevents the muscles from working – including the heart. Some famous people who have died from this disease include famous British actor David Niven, Australian athletics coach Percy Cerutty, and artist Pro Hart.

68 year-old grandfather Davo will start his run in Launceston on 12 March and hopes to reach Hobart three days later. Then after a day’s rest he will travel to the West coast town of Strahan, and commence to run through central Tasmania to finish on the East coast at Bicheno on 22 March. Davo hopes to average 66k per day for the total distance of 600k.

Donations to the Motor Neurone Disease Association helps to fund research into the disease, and also to buy equipment that is needed to assist affected people. Wheelchairs, special beds and crutches are just some of the things that are needed.

More information about the disease can be found at www.mndatas.asn.au

There are three ways you can help Davo raise money for this worthy cause;

  1. Straight cash to Davo, who will give you a receipt.
  2. Cheque or money order made out to “Motor Neurone Disease Association of Tasmania” and sent c/- Dave Brelsford, 41 Beach Rd., Legana, Tasmania 7277.
  3. By depositing your donation in the MNDA’s bank account at :
Commonwealth Bank of Australia,
BSB 067 013,
Account no. 2800 5202

The Motor Neurone Disease Association does not receive any government funding. It relies solely on public donations.

Please make a donation to help Motor Neurone sufferers now and into the future.