Monthly Archives: December 2009

Subway voting…

I recently had pause to use Subway machines to choose my lunch. Which bread did I support (Dear Subway. Bring back Parmeson-Oregano bread. If you do not, I cannot respect your advertising campaign based on the concept of “choice”), which fillings match my views, and which condiments are just “me”. It gave me a paper receipt, and I had food. (it was tasty)

So. Why can’t we have a voting machine to do this? Continue reading

as hot as, end of spring edition

Previously I posted winter temperature ranges in the ThorxBlog post: as hot as…

Here are the spring results

So in 3 months of spring, the ‘indoor’ (outside the rack) temperatures: 14.4 – 33.8C

And the “outdoor” (inside the rack) for the same winter season: 22.6 – 45C

So in short – not too different from winter… a couple of degrees warmer all around… though I bet a bellcurve plot of common temperatures would show a slightly different bias to the story too.

Thermometer reset, and into summer… hello summer!