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So I recently moved to a more tropical climate, and was wondering the effect it might have on my computers. So I made sure that my trusty thermometer was topped up with batteries, and recording maximum and minimum temperatures. Here are winter results

I should note first up, the thermometer measures an “indoor” temperature, and an “outdoor” temp. I have the thermometer hooked up to the outside of my computer rack, approx 60 from the floor (in line with the bottom edge of my monitor, laptop and desktop, and well below the server). The “outdoor” probe sits on top of the server, inside the rack – which also contains the desktop. The laptop and monitor sit just outside the rack.

So in 3 months of winter, the ‘indoor’ (outside the rack) temperatures: 14 – 30.5C

And the “outdoor” (inside the rack) for the same winter season: 23.3 – 43.4C

The perceived room temperature could be said to be between those ranges, but realistically, more like the ‘indoor’ temperature.

…I fear for the summer range however!

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