Scrabble Sheet 2

I have recently been working on an updated version of a small scrabble sheet I made a few weeks ago for some friends.

version1 (as I have since backnamed it) was simply all the 3 letter words in the scrabble dictionary, handily laid out alphabetically on both sides of an A4 page.

In the weeks since I’ve started using it, I’ve found it to be a useful reference, and heard feedback along the same lines.

For version2, I have added in all the 2letter words as well, plus a limited selection of 4 letter words. (those able to score 12 or more points with natural (non blank) tiles and no specials.

So here it is, for all your Scrabble needs:

  • Scrabble234 <- a PDF for you to download, print out, etc

    It’s probably most useful as a real printout next to your (real or virtual) scrabble board

    And it also includes a link to the famous and invaluable Scrabble Assistant – where I always learn new words.

    Also please, if you are reading this on facebook (where a copy of this post is sent), please note this post originates from – so please consider leaving comments on the blog directly. Thankyou.

    And may the tiles be with you…

    (PS: I have ideas for version 2.1 already, and I’m open to version 3 suggestions)

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