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I recently had pause to use Subway machines to choose my lunch. Which bread did I support (Dear Subway. Bring back Parmeson-Oregano bread. If you do not, I cannot respect your advertising campaign based on the concept of “choice”), which fillings match my views, and which condiments are just “me”. It gave me a paper receipt, and I had food. (it was tasty)

So. Why can’t we have a voting machine to do this?You choose your preferred policy on a range of issues (healthcare, tax, immigration, environment, education, defence, etc), and at the end it says “you have chosen the . Is this correct?”

And it can even fill in preferences for you (Dear USA. Get preferential voting and the bare minimum. Till then, I cannot respect your so-called ‘democracy’).

Yes, this is far from perfect and full of flaws[12], but really, if Subway can have lunch voting machines (I’d love to see the stats on bread choices in fact), then why is there so much drama about getting one for government?

[12] by far, the biggest issue I can see is showing a lack of bias in determining the party that best matches the selected choices and relative priorities between them. Is this a solved problem? I don’t know.

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  1. Nerissa

    I tried to find a contact for Subway in Australia to register my complaint against the removal of Parmesan Oregano, but I found no contact on their website. Not only do they remove one of the most popular breads, they then give you no way to complain! Lunch voting machines seem to be their only form of democracy.


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