Welcome Y2K10

Y2K10? Is that what we’re calling it? Makes sense since 2k1 was claimed by 2001, but it’s not any more efficient on the bytes than 2010. Worse in fact, if the Y requires prepending!


New years resolutions? Out.
New years goals? In.

So, in three brief categories, here are my goals for 2010

  • Location: This year – to live by myself.
  • Body: Cut milk from my diet (as a drink, I’m not cutting all diary as food just now), and ensure I exercise enough to maintain current fitness levels or improve.
  • Mind: Stay on target with pet projects and complete them

Note: these resolutions earlier appeared as a StatusNet dent here: http://identi.ca/notice/18121538 and were mirrored via twitter here: http://twitter.com/nemothorx/status/7346796530 (they were furthermore mirrored on facebook!)

2 thoughts on “Welcome Y2K10

  1. Weetangera

    New years reolution could be to find out and then, more importantly, to remember the name of that feature whereby three dots or full stops are left dangling on the end of a pregnant pause to indicate enough is said about that but that there is more to be said but has been left out…
    If you get the drift.

  2. Aaron C / Gaz

    1) Hi Nemo!
    2) 2k10 is not only inefficient byte-wise (requiring a string instead of a Single (I think I mean a single.. I know it isn’t a short, but it might be a long. It’s been a while), it is also the most recent of EA Sports’ game series.. IE Madden 2k10. Sometimes, I worry for my country and my species. other times, i’m unconscious.
    3) Weetangera: do you by chance mean an elipsis? ” … “


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