Ego trip: pt 1

I’ve been back a week and I haven’t told the internet at large about it.

I haven’t blogged. I haven’t LJ’d. I have barely even wiki’d.

It’s not that anything is seriously amiss, just a combination of a few points. One being the time and energy to refit myself into Canberra work and timetable. Once the rhythm of day-to-day is gone, it’s harder to pickup than I realised. Not that I am one to encourage a mindless repetitive life, but rather recognising that currently, I tend to have about a month planned ahead, and it’s taking me a little time to get that buffer back up to speed. Re-establishing social contacts, getting back to speed with an eating schedule (and maybe a cooking one next week when I hit the markets!). All that kind of thing.

Another thing occupying my time here is the building of a new fileserver. Why? Because amongst other needs, I have more photos on memory cards from Europe than will fit onto $HOME as it stands.

However, people have asked about the trip, and over the coming months I’ll be blogging several city reviews and general travel observations,  so start by being reminded of the itinerary.

  • Copenhagen
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Brussels
  • Paris
  • Cardiff
  • London

I have emphased those which were the visited ‘nemo’ places of the Ego trip. Other cities were visited,  and other nemos were not visited, but other unplanned nemos were found (not all by me either), but I’ll get to those with the rest in good time. I’m also going to keep the ‘what was your favourite city?’ answer off the radar for a little while longer too, since I want to present my reasonings as clear as possible.

Finally, as noted, I did take a tremendous amount of photos, so there is alot of editing ahead (especially all the panorama shots) before they really become public. All will become clear in good time!

It was a fun journey, and I’m looking forward to getting some elements of that across to here… :)

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