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getting to the core of the matter

Sometimes lazy bloggers just quote IRC…

<QuantumNinja> if I ever decide to start a queer core band I am making sure to do a tour entirely in katters district
<Screwtape> In *both* pubs!
* Screwtape wonders what kind of core “queer core” is.
* Screwtape checks: grep ‘ard$’ /usr/share/dict/words | sed -e ‘s/$/core/’ | less
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Davo Double-Crossing Tasmania For Charity

Launceston long-distance runner David “Davo” Brelsford will soon be attempting to double-cross his adopted state of Tasmania in an attempt to raise money and public awareness of the deadly Motor Neurone Disease.

The Motor Neurone disease is an incurable disease that basically prevents the muscles from working – including the heart. Some famous people who have died from this disease include famous British actor David Niven, Australian athletics coach Percy Cerutty, and artist Pro Hart.

68 year-old grandfather Davo will start his run in Launceston on 12 March and hopes to reach Hobart three days later. Then after a day’s rest he will travel to the West coast town of Strahan, and commence to run through central Tasmania to finish on the East coast at Bicheno on 22 March. Davo hopes to average 66k per day for the total distance of 600k.

Donations to the Motor Neurone Disease Association helps to fund research into the disease, and also to buy equipment that is needed to assist affected people. Wheelchairs, special beds and crutches are just some of the things that are needed.

More information about the disease can be found at

There are three ways you can help Davo raise money for this worthy cause;

  1. Straight cash to Davo, who will give you a receipt.
  2. Cheque or money order made out to “Motor Neurone Disease Association of Tasmania” and sent c/- Dave Brelsford, 41 Beach Rd., Legana, Tasmania 7277.
  3. By depositing your donation in the MNDA’s bank account at :
Commonwealth Bank of Australia,
BSB 067 013,
Account no. 2800 5202

The Motor Neurone Disease Association does not receive any government funding. It relies solely on public donations.

Please make a donation to help Motor Neurone sufferers now and into the future.

TNG: Condensed?

A friend recently noted he was lacking in cultural awareness of Star Trek:TNG, and so struck up a conversation about what eps should be watched.

And I got thinking about that. I watched all of TNG many years ago, and have long held the view that I wont watch it all again. Just not worth it, too many crap episodes. But there are many good episodes too, and so it solidified a thought I’d had for a while – to compile approximately a season worth of episodes from the 7 seasons produced, that would cover the best that TNG had to offer.

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Movember timetable

It’s that time of the year. Movember.

Anyone who has ever grown a moustache knows there are some key milestones in its growth, and anyone who has seen Movember come and go before will know that it, too, has its key moments.

But for the uninitiated in the ways of growing and wearing a mo’, here is a handy timetable that I have prepared… Continue reading