new $HOME day 1: restoring my files

rebuilding $HOME: Days 1 and 2

The first thing to do with a new clean (empty) $HOME, is to populate it with my actual files. Not the configuration cruft that is of concern, but my actual “stuff”.

For my own use, these consist of a variety of directories that are a mix of traditional unix system style directory names (eg: etc, lib, var, bin, public_html, Maildir, sin (for tempting tmp files) – with expected purposes, and more modern GUI styled names (eg: Photos, Videos, Public, Desktop), as well as a few of my own naming (verb, ketchup (for sauce src files :) )

Restoring these has largely been a matter of a paranoid comparison between my old recovered $HOME and the last nightly backup (I now have many ~/*/.md5sums files!)

In many cases both versions of a directory were the same, so restore was easy. In a few cases, they were different and a series of `diff -r` between the backup and recovered directories clarified that the changes were only new files, not the corruption of old ones.

Without too much difficulty, some 218 of the 221gig of my original $HOME was restored.

Regarding dotfiles… I moved a few over quickly – .ssh .cliverc and .tmux.conf for example (the latter two moving into ~/etc with symlinks), and a few others were created in opening usages (.selected_editor, .lesshst, .cache

Once I start using a GUI again, the dotfile population will explode. I hope I have a greater measure of sanity before then.

Coming soon: shell and email configurations…

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