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Hey Hey, it’s controversial

As anyone who knows me should know, I’m not one to really make my views on causes or politics widely known. I have my opinions, and by and large feel no great need to proselyte them to the world. But if I could be said to have a Cause, then this is why I’m writing.

Many years ago, and for many years in a row, there was a variety comedy show in Australia called Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Initially spontaneous and subversive, it grew over the (28) years into a prime time monster, lost it’s edge, gained an army of followers, and then crumbled in it’s own weight and habits. Having become a shadow of it’s former self and thus, a relic of the past.

Fast forward another  10 years and we have just had a reunion special or two. I had to admit I didn’t watch them. I was not huge fan of what the show had descended into at the end of last century, and if I watched TV enough to even know there was going to be a special, I’d not have bothered watching anyway.

But then something special happened. Controversy!
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Australian pride…

So today in the supermarket, I was given as part of my purchase, an Australian Flag. It is, afterall, Australia Day.

I looked at it on the way home. On the back, just three words. “Made in China”

‘Is that un-Australian?’ I thought, as it’s easy to consider the same situation in the USA as being hounded as unpatriotic. But Australian patriotism is more laid back…

It would be, imho, unpatriotic to make a fuss about the minor point of manufacturer of a random poorly made flag. It’s just not the Australian way to care about the manufacturing locale of an item. An item which is in almost any view of the grander scheme of things, a pretty inconsequential point…